In the spotlight

THEIA Bridal Spring 2017 Runway Show

The THEIA Spring 2017 Bridal collection was inspired by a Rafal Makiela underwater photograph.
The striking image of a figure shrouded in white having plunged thru the silvery surface conjured images of time travel to a distant future where pure white light shines eternal.

A time when the human race have transcended their differences becoming beings of pure love and light. 

With the astral David Bowie, in “The man who fell to Earth” as an influence, a universe of planets, stars and comets surround us and light radiates from within and without.

Celestial quartz crystals are used extensively being both ancient and futuristic. These windows of light are imbued with healing and spiritual properties. Crystal fractal patterns are embroidered in raffia, cosmic swirls envelope a solar sail, pigmented cosmic clouds float across plasticized nylon, opalescent silk jacquards hug the body, a halo of galactic flowers orbit around a gown…

This collection is a celebration of timeless love with the THEIA bride at its epicenter, radiating pure white light.